Charmouth Parking Guide


Charmouth Parking Guide
To be fair, unless you are a fan of picking up every stone on the beach just in case it might be a fossil there is not a whole lot to actually do at Charmouth.

For sure it is a very nice (and expensive to live) village but the beach is mainly rocks and stones making sunbathing/swiming a bit uncomforatble and there are no rides, arcades etc.

The village centre has a few handy shops where you can buy provisions, a paper etc. a chemist, a Post Office, an Estate Agents and a couple of gift shops and "Beach Supplies" shops. If you dawdle you might fill an hour at the shops, longer if you visit the tea shops and longer still if you ventre to the top of the hill to The Royal Oak or the bottom to The George for a drink.

Plan ahead and work out you parking options, the cheapest place to park (unless you get a free space on the main road for an hour) is the car park behind the village hall, but this is a bit of a walk to the beach, the cheapest short stay near the beach is the one right at the front but there are two car parks that are more like large fields which could be cheaper for a longer stay.

If you end up parked near the beach there are toilets down there and a heritage centre which has a cafe in it, some interesting things to see and it is free entry.

If you think it sounds like you might need a slide rule to work it out there you are probably correct!

In a nutshell a lot depends on if you are visiting the beach, if you are park right down by it, but be warned, the car parks can get busy in the summer months. If you are doing shops (and beach) then the car park behind the village hall is the cheapest by some distance, but it is by no means a large car park.